No child should die or suffer a lifelong disability because emergency care could not be reached in time.
IDIEM realizes that the small strides of progress are often met with a rocky road. We are honored to collaborate with partners committed to the advancement of global health through innovative emergency medical systems development and education.
IDIEM's trainings with client partners include simulations which provide the necessary hands on experience to effectively train healthcare providers.

What We Do

The Institute for the Development of International Emergency Medicine (IDIEM) empowers healthcare providers from developing nations in their ability to deliver life-saving, accessible emergency medical care. IDIEM provides formal training programs in Emergency Medicine practices and supports the strategy and implementation of the infrastructures which facilitate the successful delivery of care.

Who We Are

IDIEM is a 501c3 non-profit founded by a group of physicians after they witnessed the devastating effects that insufficient emergency medicine training and infrastructure have on people in developing nations. IDIEM’s founding members lead diverse projects that improve International Emergency Medicine systems, education, and practices across the globe, and all have served in clinical and leadership roles at the Stanford School of Medicine, Emergency Department.


The World Health Organization has identified traumatic and medical emergencies as neglected epidemics. Correspondingly, essential trauma and prehospital care was identified by the World Health Organization as a new focus for global milestones to provide emergency care.